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The Schaeffer-Minty case is a significant and pivitol opportunity to challenge long standing- deeply defended O.P.P. practices of lawyer note vetting and the retaining of the same O.P.P.A lawyer for both subject and witness officers implicated in a Special Investigations Unit investigation. The O.P.P. deeply defends these practices which grievously obstruct the ability of the S.I.U. to explore whether an officer is criminally responsible when their actions have resulted in the severe harm or death of someone.

These practices provide police with impunity from the laws that govern the rest of us and leave families and communites to struggle with the violent deaths of their loved ones while police killers walk free- protected by the blue shield and an unjust legal system. The outcome of this court case will affect the future of every police officer and every citizen across Ontario and indeed will shape the parameters of justice and civil liberties in these strange days to come.

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Donate to help raise the funds for the Schaeffer family to pursue its application to the courts questioning the process of investigation into the police shooting of their belovedLevi. For the last decade of his life, Levi, like many psychiatric survivors, experienced endless injustice as he was socially and economically oppressed, disregarded, denigrated, institutionalized, and criminalized.  Help to empower a chance for some justice for Leviand his bereaved in the tragic circumstances of his death.  Give a cash donation towards the ever rising legal costs. Donate an item or original art piece to auction, or lend your support in else wise kind to this  fundraising campaign for Justice For Levi.

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